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April 5 2022
Added: Heartbeats (+ custom metric support)

Feb 20 2022
Changed: Due to abuse, the Pro plan is now required for SMS/Voice alerts.

June 13 2021
Added: CPU/RAM/DISK Thresholds for Nodes

June 12 2021
Added: Alert Log page
Changed: Incident page now shows all types of incidents (Monitor/SSL/Domain/etc)

May 28 2021

Fixed: Request breakdown was not present at the top of every hour.

May 15 2021
Added: Intro Tour (Need Help > Intro Tour)
Fixed: Home link on 4XX & 5XX pages

May 13 2021
Fixed: Issue with forms ‘flashing’ previous content
Added: Allow users to specify custom UptimeToolbox subdomain
Changed: SSL Certificate issuing is now significantly faster

May 12 2021
Fixed: [Linux Agent] bug with servers with large amounts of throughout would report network utilization of 0

May 08 2021
Added: Released our IP Location Tool as a standalone item.

May 05 2021
Added: Linux agent v1.1.0 with improved disk usage reporting

May 01 2021
Added: Released the preview of our linux server monitoring tool.

April 28 2021
Added: Domain Lookup & WHOIS Tool as a standalone item.

April 26 2021
Added: SSL Validation Tool as a standalone item.

April 22 2021
Changed: Deletions of Monitors now happen instantly

April 11 2021
Added: Dashboard page

March 28 2021

Added: SMS & Voice Alerts

March 25 2021
Added: UptimeToolbox Zapier Integration

March 14 2021
Change: Improved monitor adding experience with dedidated page
Added: Support for advanced monitoring options (proxies, configurable frequencies, http basic auth, redirect following and more).

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