Linux Server Monitoring

Keep an eye on your infrastructure with our linux server monitoring service. Try it out for free with your existing UptimeToolbox plan.


Your all-in-one monitoring solution

Over the last year we’ve had an incredible amount of success with our website monitoring solution. In 2021 we’re extending the same reliable service you know and love to also monitor your servers as well.

Try our linux agent and start monitoring your servers in one click.

We currently support all popular x86 & ARM based Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS & Raspbian.

"Very quickly and succintly lets you see if there is something you need to be concerned about"

Yoshabel Durand
Founder, SpeakInTime

Our History & Roadmap

  1. June 2021
    General Avaliabilty
  2. May 2021
    Flexible Alerting
  3. May 15 2021
    Enhanced Monitoring
    (DISK Usage/Inodes/IPs/+)
  4. May 1 2021
    Preview Release
  5. April 2021
    Initial Infra POC

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect core metrics about your machine such as Ram usage, CPU Usage and Disk Usage and a various other system metrics. The code for our agent is publicly avaliable in our github repository here:

Absolutely none! Our Linux agent only uses tools that come built in with most Linux distributions such as awk, curl and sed.

Yes you can! Reach out to our support team and we'll construct a custom plan that fits your needs

As we only use the core tools built into your server our monitor has an extremely tiny footprint and in our testing uses a fraction of a percent of the CPU of a raspberry pi.

Our Infrastructure monitoring services is currently in an early preview and so alerting is not yet supported. This feature is however being actively worked on and is expected to be released early April 2021.

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