What’s in our Toolbox

What’s in our Toolbox

May 8, 2021

At UptimeToolbox we’ve built various internal tools to make the lives of our customers easier. From keeping an eye on your domain and ssl expirations, to geographic lookups and blacklist monitoring.

While our paid product automates all of these checks, we recognized the need to occasionally make single, one-off checks without going though the hassle of adding a new monitor on our main product.

To fulfill that need, we have begun releasing these individual components as standalone tools that anyone can use at anytime. They will be forever-free and no registration is required to use them.

So far we have done this with three of our most useful tools:

SSL Checker
This is a SSL Validation tool that not only checks the expiration dates of your certificates but also checks for revoked, invalid, self-signed or any otherwise incorrectly generated certificate.

Domain & Whois Lookup
Exactly as it sounds. Enter a hostname or url and we’ll pull a few basic whois, ip & geographic details about the domain.

IP Geolocation Lookup
Enter an IP address and we’ll pull up the latest geographic location details. We’ve also embedded a google map with the estimated location marked.

We’ll be releasing more and more of these tools over time & we hope you find them as useful as we (and hundreds of our customers) have.


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